The Trust Company Of Kansas Abides By A Simple Philosophy: Minimize Burden, Bestow Freedom.

As our longtime partners will tell you, we help our clients accomplish their goals, not our own. And we stay focused on the financial aspects of their lives so that they can stay focused on their priorities.

Our goal is to build a legacy by helping you protect yours. We help you meet your goals by closely monitoring your assets, so that you may continue enjoying a lifestyle to which you’ve become accustomed.


What often begins as a seed grows and matures over time with proper care and attention. As fiduciaries, that is our approach to wealth management – nurture relationships, plant in fruitful environments, exercise caution, reap consistent rewards.

Our clients are partners, first and foremost. Connections are the keys to success in our business and we understand the power of collaboration better than anyone. Long-term relationships will open more doors of opportunity, and keep them open.

Our team includes ten certified trust and fiduciary advisors and other experienced financial professionals. We do not charge commissions. Instead, our fees are a reasonable percentage of the assets under management, so our incentives are aligned with yours.

Our team members also are the owners of The Trust Company of Kansas. This structure results in lower turnover, which means our clients enjoy long-term relationships with their advisors.

In short, we are your partners, working in tandem with you to achieve your life’s goals.