Safeguard Your Legacy

The laws and activities surrounding the many important components of growing your wealth and leaving your legacy all require expert knowledge and continual education to stay abreast of nuances and changes.

Our certified trust and fiduciary advisors (CTFA) must pass a comprehensive examination and are required to adhere to continued education in the following specialized areas in order to maintain this certification: fiduciary and trust activities, financial planning, tax law and planning, investment management, and ethics. A CTFA understands the responsibilities associated with being a trusted fiduciary.

Our Account Officers have your best interests in mind, so speak with him/her about the services you might require to ensure that your wealth is secure. For example, did you know that an attorney is needed to draft the documents pertaining to your estate planning? Or, that having your fiduciary and personal tax returns prepared by a Certified Public Accountant can ensure an independent review of your income and expenses? But before you shop attorneys or accountants, speak with us. We can answer many of your questions at no additional charge, as well as recommend professionals who specialize in the services you need.