The Trust Company of Kansas is Employee Owned, and Why You Should Care.

Nimble. Resilient. Stable. Supportive. These are a few of the many advantages of doing business with The Trust Company of Kansas.

As an employee-owned company, we are rightly positioned to focus on our fiduciary responsibilities to our clients. This is yet another way we put trust at the forefront of everything we do.


Employee-owned companies are able to respond quickly to any number of changes that might affect your future – and without the proverbial red tape of publicly traded companies. We are not in search of, or accountable to outside investors. As fiduciaries, the interests of our clients,and our relationships with you, drive our actions.

As a result, we can help you navigate and maneuver with greater ease through market fluctuations, as well as the changes in your life that might affect your future plans.


As an employee-owned business, The Trust Company of Kansas owns its own capital, which allows us to take a longer term view. The farther we can see, the more accurately we can plan, the more flexible we can be, and the more burdens we can lift from your shoulders.

As a result, we can help prevent losses and protect your hard-earned assets against unforeseen challenges.


Ensuring the health and longevity of client relationships is a primary focus of our certified trust and financial advisors, and all members of our team. As owners in this company, our employees have vested interests in their partnerships with you, our clients. The low turnover rate among our advisors is a point of pride for us, and a source of envy for others.

As a result, we can develop a robust understanding of your long-term goals, allowing you and your family to attain greater financial freedom and well-being, both now and well into the future.


As owners, our employees have a voice within the company. A voice that influences decisions that affect long-term outlooks and day-to-day operations. That means you, our clients, are always working with, and supported by a decision maker, giving you the opportunity to have greater influence in return.

The Trust Company of Kansas is steeped in knowledge and experience, and because of this inclusive, supportive environment, our employees can freely share that knowledge – information, ideas and best practices – with one another.

As a result, we can spend less time administering and more time eliminating the burden of wealth management and bestowing the freedom of everything else.