Nonprofit Service by TCK Team Members

Last week, Stephen A. English, C.T.F.A., Chairman & CEO of The Trust Company of Kansas (TCK), shared information in an article titled Charitable Giving is Growing Nicely. In it, we learned that total gifts to charities exceeded $400 billion for the first time ever, totaling $410.02 billion in 2017. We also learned that nearly a third of all charitable gifts (31%) go to religious organizations and that gifts to educational institutions come in second (14%)*.

As a follow-up, we thought you might enjoy learning where TCK and our team members are giving back to the communities where we live and work. The Trust Company of Kansas has a superior reputation for supporting the arts. To follow is a list of organizations that TCK financially supports, where a member of our team either serves on the board or volunteers for the organization. We encourage you to enjoy these jewels.

 Arkansas City Area Arts Council

Tasha Bucher and Stephen A. English

Arts Council (Wichita)

Martha L. Linsner


Stephen A. English

Chamber Music at the Barn

Dianne Allison

Lawrence Arts Center

Christopher M. English

Lawrence Civic Choir

Lee Anne Thompson

Lawrence Community Orchestra

Lee Anne Thompson

Mark Arts

Terry Richards

Music Theatre for Young People

Martha L. Linsner and Kimberly Ufford

 Music Theatre Wichita

Martha L. Linsner

Orpheum Theatre

Martha L. Linsner

Topeka Festival Singers

Daniel P. Brogren

Wichita Art Museum

Martha L. Linsner

Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum

Martha L. Linsner

Wichita State University Music Associates

Stephen A. English

Wichita Symphony Orchestra

Stephen A. English

The pie chart below divides the categories of our 31 team member’s services, as they were seen in last week’s charitable giving article.

Another way TCK gives back to the community is by offering attractive/individually structured fee arrange-ments to all non-profit organizations in need of foundation and endowment services. Our goal is to assist the Board of Directors/Trustees of non-profits with their duty to care for the organization’s financial assets.

Let us know if we can be of service.